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The Drummer's Creed

I am a drummer.... I do not worship my drum, but it helps me to connect with something that is spiritual.

I connect with my drum in my way, as many others connect with their drums in their own way.

My drum is something that is sacred to me, for it is more then an instrument, it is my altar.

I will not touch other peoples drums without first asking their permission, for I respect the relationship that someone has with their drum.

I will not assume that I shall be the loudest or the fastest drummer in a circle.

I will listen before drumming; I will merge my rhythms into what the group is playing.

I will not force the circle onto a specific path, but let it grow to where spirit takes it.

I am a drummer and I will seek to constantly learn.

I will connect with others, remain open and allow them to join with me. I am a drummer...

Author Unknown...
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