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Layne Redmond - has followed an extremely unusual path specializing in the small hand-held frame drum played primarily by women in the ancient Mediterranean world. Percussionist, Author - When The Drummers Were Women, Master Clinician with signature hand drums - Riq, Lotus and Tar-rine and complete CD courses from beginner through advance techniques.

Glen Velez - Glen Velez is considered one of the most influential percussionists of our time, as well as being responsible for a world-wide resurgence in the popularity of the frame drum. Drums and instructional DVD's available...

Dancing Hands Music - For the past 12 years, my wife Betsy and I have been creating instructional materials related to drumming and rhythm. Almost everything you see on this site was created by us. Our specialty is breaking the learning process down into just the right-sized steps in just the right order.

Holy Goat Precussion -Remembering how to Drum - This instructional DVD was inspired by Michael Taylor's experiences, observations and insights as a teacher and student of the West African djembe drum. Develop traditional djembe technique and enhance your overall experience in learning the tradition of the West African djembe drum.

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