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  Connected to Mother Earth since childhood through my horses has been easy. Searching for more then half my life for something that truly connected me to Mother Earth's heartbeat was a longer quest and one I shall walk forever and it came when I alone understood why. Why I am a drummer, why the sound of the drum roots me to the Divine, to our Earth, to everything I am, have been or will be...
  Why that as I move into a place of solitude in my spiritual and personal life the single sound of my own heart is all I hear as it blends with the Goddess' yet she still has me listen for the union of the drum circle and the echo of my own rhythms within it...

  I know my "will" creates the energy which drives my heart and rhythm within the circle. But is it not also the energy of my drum answering that will, that keeps me rooted through the highs and lows of the pulse within the circle. Is it not the combining of our energies that guides me to join the Great Goddess Mother, the Universe and the Spirit of Oneness that binds us all together within the heartbeat of the drum.

Lynn aka Shade 7/2004 - revised 10/2008 again 9/2010

goddess heartbeat
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