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  Where my goal is to help you find a connection to Mother Earth in all her faces through the sound of the drum and circle drumming. This website is for those who are new to the drumming circle experience and looking for a source of information on drum types and local drumming circles.

  What you find here may help you discover the different types of hand drums: the Irish Bodhran, the Native American Shaman, the Arabic Rig, with the African djembe, the middle-eastern Doumbek and others. Also a number of rattles, shakers, and wood percussion and a few wind instruments, with drum making techniques, decorating, and my handmade drums and cases  
  Links and lists of local Orange County drumming circles, drumming instructors, authors and their books, drum makers and drum making supplies, along with the Drummer's Creed and other related items as they are found or sent to the site.

Special note: I was privileged to attend the 20th anniversary celebration Spring Luncheon for the Women of Vision - Orange County on April 17, 2010
These women share the most empowering attitudes freely given through their united faith and unique individual abilities that I felt compelled to add their link here. Thank you my dear friend Donna for offering me the opportunity to share in this event...
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